Receive 10% of the price of a card (10¢ minimum) Never pay any fees, and setup is fast and free; Receive a payout once you accrue $10 in royalties.


They must not charge you to submit your poetry. .

Apr 18, 2023 · Typically, the US Postal Sevice delivers all mail to the continental US in 3-4 days.


We also deliver to Canada, the UK and 190 other countries. Decide if you want to freelance or sell your own cards. Get Paid to Write Greeting Cards.


Comstock Marketplace – They look for adult humor writing submissions. Rank Pay. That’s why here at Make a Living Writing, we’re dedicated to create new lists of paying markets, every single month.

Get Paid To Write Greeting Cards From Home 1. We also deliver to Canada, the UK and 190 other countries.

Please contact the editor Dave McPeek at 11510 Goldcoast Drive in Cincinnati, OH.

There is no research, outlines, or interviews involved with greeting card writing.

9. Based on the article word count or topic, you can expect to make between $30 and $150 per article.

RSVP. And third place.

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If you cannot draw, just give them an idea of what you are.
While you’ll be hard-pressed to find out how much money you can get for accepted submissions, know that most greeting card companies offer compensation.



. Etsy is another great place to showcase your personalized greeting cards, but you can also sell them at local markets like the farmer’s market, craft fairs, or holiday-themed events. If you want to be paid to write greeting cards, this is for you.

ComStockMarketPlace. . . Founded in 1906, American Greetings has been publishing and selling paper cards, gift wrap, and more for. They normally don’t accept unsolicited submissions, but try to send your ideas to the following address: Idea Submission Team, American Greetings Corporation.


. If you’re being paid in royalties, you can potentially earn more (or less) than that flat fee amount, depending on how the product sells.


You make money several ways.

If you're interested in writing greeting cards, we'll send you How to Start Writing Greeting Cards From Home today!.


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