The military had begun detaining civilian leaders, overthrowing Myanmar’s democratically elected government and turning the clock back to the period between 1962 – when Myanmar’s military.

org. report released Wednesday.

Security forces have responded to widespread protests with increasingly deadly force.

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. . Mar 17, 2023 · Myanmar.

Violence resulting from the brutal military coup is continuing inside Myanmar on an “alarming scale” the UN Special Envoy told a meeting of the General Assembly on.

. Companies say the coup has already put billions worth of foreign investment at risk. Hotez.

. May 18, 2023 · Myanmar’s ruling military junta has imported at least $1 billion in weapons and military-related equipment since its bloody coup, according to a new United Nations report which said much of the.

18 May 2023.

RT @jefflovelim: As a citizen of Myanmar,thank you so much for helping the people suffering the natural disasters.

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